Although I initially bought this “party lightbulb” jokingly as a gift for my sister, I have come to have an incredible amount of respect for the product and am now an avid supporter of its usage. The bulb, which can screw into most conventional sockets and casts green, blue, red and white lights in a spiraling pattern across any room, is rather simple in its design. In the center of the bulb lie 4 colored LEDs, and on the exterior there is a multifaceted rotating hemisphere which casts the lights in spinning patterns. Unlike most other party related lighting equipment, the bulb can be purchased for less than $10 on amazon which set a pretty low standard. Despite this however, I am really amazed by how this single light can really change the mood of a room and the experience of a person in that room. Coupled with some good speakers and music, this bulb creates and instant dance floor. Using at night in a silent room, I have found the color light to be soothing and sleep inducing.