Before coming to college, I used to take very quick showers. However, due to the stress and cold here (I’m from Florida), I find myself taking longer and longer showers. While I’m in the shower, I often forget about how much time I’ve been spending, but when I come out, I feel quite guilty for using water and heat for such a long. Therefore, this creation here appears to be the perfect solution to my dilemma. This system collects the water during a shower, cleans it and reuses it while you are still in the shower! Hence, you only need one bucket of water for however long you would like to shower. Compared to a 10-minute shower (with a flow rate of 10 L/min), this system reduces water usage by 90% and energy usage by 70-90%. 

The current price of the DIY kit is 1,500.00 Euros. If you want to see how the costs and benefits of the shower balance out, the product’s site helps you to calculate the figures. In the future, I hope the price will go down as these types of showers will be more of a common system in households.

For more information about the shower, see here.