Incredibly practical: Lightweight, durable, flexible long handles that can fit over winter coats. Has a zipper on top to keep valuables locked inside (to avoid pick-pocketers when traveling). It’s a fantastic shape because it’s bulky on the bottom but slim on top which makes it easy to hold. Also, if it’s empty then it collapses (unlike stiff bags which are still bulky and cannot pack in a suitcase). It’s easy to clean (just nylon) and keeps my stuff dry when it’s raining. It has a little pocket on top for my keys, which are really the only small thing I carry around. It’s way more durable than most bags and can hold heavy books without the straps breaking. It’s the perfect size to hold a computer. It’s not flashy, so you can dress it up or down. I know that lots of people buy these for fashion without realizing how practical they are, but they are really, really practical and that’s why they became so popular to begin with!