There are few things that I find so interesting juxtaposed together than the beauty and sleekness of an Apple product, and the bulkiness of an Otterbox Case. While I admit there is certainly some desirability associated with having a scratch proof screen or a waterproof body, it is one thing to offer this featured with minimal change to the consumer experience. Otter box however offers the features at the expense of the consumer experience, meaning what is most desirable about the iPhone––arguably its minimalist design intuitive user experience––is lost one the phone is placed in the awkward plastic case. When I first got my phone I was nervous about using it without a case and everyone told me I was crazy for not getting one, especially considering that it almost felt inevitable that I would drop it and shatter the screen. What I realized however is that although I am sure a cracked screen is in my future, every day I get to spend with my phone when it is free of a case allows me to get the most out of owning the beautifully designed product that is the iPhone. And thus, when the day comes that I finally drop my phone, although it will be hard for me, at least I’ll know that we got to spend some quality time together, unlike those who choose to lock their phones up in a case for life.