I will add more to this after I get a chance to hear the full feedback on my work, but for now here are a few observations based on what I have designed and posted thus far.

I gravitate towards simple, elegant concepts that make an active lifestyle easier. This can be seen in the posts that directly relate towards fitness (like the portable weights, the portable roller, or the indoor cycling studio), but also in products that help enable a person so have a comfortable lifestyle. I value products that look nice and also have utility. In my own work I like there to be a balance of utility (I won’t design something just because it looks nice) and beauty (it needs to be visually appealing or people won’t want to use it). This delicate balance is had to achieve, but definitely possible, and often more simple that we think sometimes. I like to try to take concepts that already exist and combine them to get a new product, something innovative that helps solve some problem that people might not know existed (like the thinx or lola post).

My own personal style, as described by many friends, is sporty chic. I think this embodies my design style as well because it portrays both the sporty, active side of products that I desire, but also the chill, comfortable, and simple way that I go about achieving those designs. This also gets at the idea of combining two things (sporty + chic) to create a new aesthetic, something that I find helps in my own design work.

More to come later!