Here is the drone I designed in class, shown here rendered in a courtyard background. I chose bright colors to make it stand out.


Design Reflection:

These past few weeks have opened my eyes to what I can design and create. I’ve learned about the psychology behind advertising and marketing, and have explored what makes a product desirable. It’s interesting to consider a product from the viewpoints of multiple consumers. 

I used to think design was mostly about how something looks. but I’ve learned that appearance and style is only a fraction of good design. To create a desirable product one must put herself in the shoes of the consumer, find what they want or need. and build innovative ways to address those needs.

I have an appreciation for smooth, sleek, futuristic-looking design. In addition, I really value human-centered design. I would like to practice designing human-friendly products possibly by researching the human body and its needs more. 

I hope to continue learning about what makes good design and how to better understand consumers.