Slack is a mobile central communication tool for teams, allowing them to organize their discussions into topic channels, keep the relevant people involved in each conversation, and share files. Slack has positioned itself as a single notification portal for your project or business, so that all of your updates can come in one place.

I use Slack for a number of projects outside of school, and am a (net) major advocate of it as a communication tool. The ability to organize discussions into streamlined channels is a dramatic help for anyone who has ever tried to have multifaceted conversations over text (too many topics in one place) or email (too many separate discussions). While there are drawbacks to the thread system in general, such as that important comments can get quickly buried by replies and never seen again, it is a very functional tool that most importantly, gets the aesthetic very right. The design is incredibly sleek, and provides a good balance of user personalization and predefined structure to the workflow. Even the transitions between the different screens seem somehow sleeker than in other apps. Subtle icons are used to organize the settings sections, and fit well with the overall layout. I highly recommend Slack for anyone who needs to organize teams who are working on multidimensional products.