Spotify is an incredible piece of software that has risen to fame since its launch in 2008. Made by Sweedish developers, Spotify is the most successful music streaming service to date. Their product beats even Apple Music regarding features, quality, and the number of paying users.

People can quickly acquire music for free using torrenting services. They are not only free but are often easier to use than stores such as iTunes. I use Spotify because it is designed to be even easier than illegally downloading music.

All music is available all the time, without limits on how much you can listen to and save to your devices. In high school, I had a Windows computer, an Android phone, and an iPad. Spotify supported all these platforms and continued to sync my music instantly across all devices – something that was not imaginable beforehand.

What makes Spotify beautiful is its ability to make you forget that listening to music used to be hard. It’s instant, easy, and addictive.