Andy is a young professional living in the Boston area.  He works for an advertising firm.  His friends would describe him as friendly, outgoing, and sophisticated–and never one to turn down a fun night out at the bar or walking around the city.  Anyone who knows him could not deny that he leads a busy life, and that, within any given day, he makes an appearance in a number of locations.  Luckily for Andy, he loves to bike, and is able to bike everywhere so he doesn’t need to worry about traffic.  Unfortunately, Andy’s pants don’t like biking as much as Andy does, and every once in a while, his pant leg will get stuck on the chain, and he will be forced to walk into the office more disheveled than he would have liked.  That is where the Commuter Shoe comes in. 

The Commuter Shoe was designed to meet the needs of a sophisticated man who travels a lot.  A few key features of this lifestyle we wanted to capture in our design were:

1. Professionalism.  We made sure the exterior of the shoe was predominantly neutral, and sort of mirrored what many professional shoes look like.  That is why we chose a grey and black color scheme, with a flash of red for the more fashionably inclined.

2. Comfort.  Any commuter needs comfort.  We designed our shoe with rubber souls to ensure this comfort, and created a mesh, breathable front in order to make the shoe breathable.  This mesh also makes putting on and taking off the shoe very easy.

3. Weather Resistant.  Obviously, any professional needs to go to work whether the sun is shining or not.  As such, we avoided any easily ruined materials, and made the front and back water resistant.  

4. Biker Friendly.  Biking is an incredibly popular way to get to work, so we tried to make our shoe as helpful as possible for this population.  In order to do this, we made the bottom strip of the shoe reflective.  We also created a magnetic functionality that allows any biker to secure his pant leg to his shoe in order to prevent possible scrapes from the bike chain.

Thanks to the numerous features of the Commuter Shoe, young professionals will be lining up to make their commutes more fashionable, more functional, and more fun.