Next nerdy engineer confession on the DS Survivor Tumblr: I love everything about IKEA. From the modern, simplistic aesthetic, to the DEY (Do-Everything-Yourself) attitude, to the smell of the Swedish meatballs, an IKEA purchase is rewarding on all accounts. One favorite IKEA product of mine is the Friheten futon sofa.

The Friheten is a joy to look at, build, and sit/sleep on. As a product, it is incredibly functional as well as being comfortable and aesthetic. It has a very strong geometric presence, which is visually appealing in a modern setting. The subdued colors and fabric selection again match the modern style. It also directly ties to the construction process which naturally is very geometric. It is a reasonably complex piece to build, although the instructions (as usual) provide a very clear stepwise manual for creation.

Certainly hoping to purchase one of these for my apartment next year.