For the wooden chair we added a bright color cushion pattern to make it look brighter and more lively. It adds comfort and softness for the user. We also sanded most of the chair and painted it over with black paint. to make it match the table and to achieve a modern, retro look. For our second chair, we reupholstered it to turn it into a more casual and fun chair.


For the table, we did not actually physically work with it. However, we did have some ideas to make it better, which we executed through Photoshop. The flaps used to extend the table were turned into an art piece, which could then be hung on the wall. For ours, we matched the theme of the fabric design to the design on this piece. For the remaining part of small rectangular table, we added little hammock-like pouches below the tabletop to hold wine bottles.



The fabric used has a colorful rustic look that when combined with a wooden chair and a meeting chair embodies the atmosphere of the outdoor and the indoor. It gives our pieces a fun, flexible, and calming look. Now that the wooden chair fun and comfortably soft, and the four legged meeting chair no longer looks boring, we can take these chairs and add them to any room to spice up the color and fun while retaining some degree of elegance. Our newly upgraded table also now acts as a classy piece that can be placed at the side of doors, the side of couches, or even at the center of the room. The legs and the hammock-like pouches are designed to hold wine glasses, which allows for nice design and easy access to drinks for social gatherings. The part of the table that had been transformed into wall art seamlessly adds color to the room. These pieces also contain the same fabric theme and matches the different aspects of the room. The table, chairs, and wall art are meant to give users a combination of an outdoor adventure and the security of home. When together, the piece aims not only to be physically comfortable, but also to stimulate the subconscious feeling of internal peace in a given environment.



Customer Segments

Local homeowners who have underutilized porches and adventurous spiritsApartment / homeowners who like to host gatherings at their place Transplants from Western and Southern States who miss homeNative American communitiesArtistic, hipster types looking to spice up their apartmentDisadvantaged communities

Value Prop

Old wooden furniture is boring. The Furnimatch program artistically and strategically reinvigorates chairs and drop leaf tables to create desirable, functional furniture sets that invite buyers to experience their porch and other outdoor spaces at home with a newfound sense of adventure.

We take one wooden chair and table and redesign them to function together. They are repainted and/or re-polished to match in color. Then, the chair is injected with a sense of adventure as we create a custom, foam-based chair pad with an exciting rustic / western print.  Meanwhile, fabric with the same print will be used to sling wine bottle-sized hammock-holders to the table. Now you have a modern, outdoorsy take on the wine rack.

With these two, we’ve created a furniture set that screams outdoors and adventure for our client.

Furnimatch will be run through partnerships with Harvard’s various pertinent design courses and student organizations. Once a partnership is established with a course or organization, partners will pick-up chairs, take them to their respective design studio and perform the maintenance required to reimagine the furniture. The customer will be required to pick up the furniture themselves.


Chairs will be taken to design centers such as the GSD and Engineering School by the student designers actually making the chairs and tables. In rare cases, the tables will be moved by movers set up by the Recycling Center. Customers will be responsible for pick-up of the chair and table. When requesting a Furnimatch pair, customers will be required to pledge $20 per chair and $30 per table, which will be refunded to them once they follow through on pick-up. If they fail to do so, this money will be donated to the recycling center

Customer Relationships

Customers may request a chair and table combo at any time through a simple online portal. Examples of past projects will be posted as photos for inspiration, as well as links to pintrests on similar art projects.

Requests will last for 3 months and are customized by wood color (light brown, dark brown, black) and one of three prints for the fabric.

As time goes on, various student designer courses will access the portal and “claim” design requests. When claimed, the customer must enter into a financial agreement: They are charged for shipping costs of sending the chair to their home. If they pick up the item, they are refunded that charge. If not, it is used to pay for the shipping.

Revenue Streams

Revenue is incurred at a proportional rate to costs. Any shipping to the customer is pre-empted with a charge to match that cost.

Key Resources

Administration and Marketing are the main concern with this project. A basic web presence around the project needs to be maintained to build interest. A Facebook Page or Website includes information on past designs and the desirability/functionality of the Furnimatch sets. Requests for designs will be made on this portal, at which point an email will be sent to key partners and design requests will be posted on a rolling basis to be picked up by design courses’ professors. As such, our website or Facebook page will be a key resources in this project along with other marketing materials.

Additionally, the old chairs and tables, themselves will be a key resource in this project.

Key activities

Standard collection of materials from various sources (shipping)Delivery of materials in rare cases (shipping)Design implementation (partnership)Marketing of design opportunity to professors and heads of various design programs. Management and catering of visual content on website for design inspiration

Key Partnerships

Main partnerships are with professors of design courses that would be interested in redesigning chairs as a week / 2 week long project. They will be responsible to facilitating these resources:

Sanding machineBlack paint, brushesFoam cutterSewing machineMachine stapler Thread and needle (hand sew)Fabric Screws, screwdrivers Fabric glueScissorsFace mask GogglesFoamPainters tapeDesigners

Cost Structure

Shipping costs. (Inflow)Shipping costs. (Outflow. Covered by customer)Web hosting ($15 per month, unless limited to Facebook)Web setup (variable, but can be made on site builders by student for $50)Web administrative costs ($0)

  • Website / facebook will include links to google searches and Pintrest channels that show the possibilities for customers. This need only be updated intermittently