ROLL: The GoRoll is a foam roller. Foam Rollers are crucial for athletes to release tension and soreness in muscles, promote healing, reduce stiffness and improve range of motion. The foam exterior of the GoRoll features an innovative, increasing-depth pattern to provide firmer or softer pressure depending on the area utilized.

CARRY: The GoRoll goes wherever you do. A durable carry strap detaches and doubles as a six-foot long stretch strap. Whether you wear it as a backpack or over the shoulder, the GoRoll travels with you. The gym is no longer the only place you can maximize your workout, so get out there and get training!

LOCK: The GoRoll stores and secures your belongings. The hollow space inside the GoRoll is both waterproof and lockable, which serves as a safe place to store your valuables. Anyone who loves outdoor workouts or goes to a gym without lockers knows the value of security. The lockable lid fastens to the bottom of the GoRoll, keeping the lid safe and secure and allowing for storage of bigger items such as a yoga mat or slack-lining ropes.