Dribbble is “Show and tell for designers.” And unfortunately, I don’t “got” it, but I dream of having it. while anyone can browse the beautiful projects displayed on the site, it is an invite only community if you’d like to post.

Many designers use the site as a portfolio and a way to advertise their services to potential customers. Personally, I use the site as a source of inspiration. 

The Chrome Extension “Panda” : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/panda-4-news-inspiration/haafibkemckmbknhfkiiniobjpgkebko?hl=en allows you to browse the hottest posts whenever you open a new tab. Combine this with Pinterest to save images you love onto boards for later inspiration.

No design is entirely original – it is the combination of other ideas applied in a novel way. Dribbble is an incredible source for inspiration that you can steal and apply in your own projects.