These are my Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 headphones and they are the best (and most expensive) pair of headphones I’ve ever owned. One of their super unique features is the black loop made up of part of the cable of the headphones, which goes up and around to press against the inside ridge of your ear to help keep the C5s in place. These feel foreign at first but as you adjust them they become very comfortable and really stay put in your ear. They are also relatively wide for earbuds, meaning they stick out of your ears a bit, but this allows for better drivers and an awesome bass that even gives some rattle at 10 Hz. I love listening to music on my phone or laptop without them, and then putting them in to really hear the difference in music quality. A great track is Why So Serious? by Hans Zimmer; if you don’t hear anything at 3:26 your headphones lack good bass. (Also, side note, Beats by Dre may be pretty to look at but are trash to listen to.)