This may be my engineering instincts talking, but I’m a huge fan of duct tape. This is a product which made itself desirable despite being aesthetically…well…not. 

Let’s face it, a dull metallic grey is not the type of thing that one yearns to put all over their house, right? But even so, duct tape is a product that everyone has, everyone knows how to use, and everyone can rely on when things go wrong. It has developed its own little internet persona as the master fixer, the one tool that can solve all problems.

Desirability isn’t just about how a product looks, but about how it fits into a users life. Even though it looks horrible, it is always what you need when you need it, and I see no better way to establish a relationship with a product than that. Duck® Brand duct tape has noted this inconsistency and attempted to remedy the situation by offering a slew of different tape prints. 

But it’s not the same. As a traditionalist, stuck in my old-school duct taping ways, I will always reach for the classic grey. And hopefully, many others will continue to do so as well. 

Accidentally posted this in the wrong blog last week!