SALt is a portable salt-powered lamp that can also charge your phone! The above image I created highlights these key features of the lamp that attracted me. 

Alternative Energy

This product is really useful (and perhaps even essential) for those living in areas which are close to bodies of salt water and susceptible natural disasters, like hurricanes or typhoons. When these residents are unable to access any other resources, they should still be able to obtain salt water to power these lamps. If salt water is not immediately available, a glass or water and two tablespoons of salt should also be easily attainable or distributable.

Source of Power

From the picture above, the light produced from the lamp seems to be quite powerful. For those who have smartphones that can be used as flashlights, this lamp may seem too burdensome. However, smartphones can quickly run out of power. This lamp can also charge your phone! One might then argue that much smaller portable chargers exist for this purpose. Therefore, I think this lamp is probably most useful for those without more advanced technologies.