A staple-less stapler you say….

I have a terrible habit of impulse buying. Especially when I get this irresistible urge to go onto Amazon after one too many beers. The things that I buy are not just impulsive but also incredibly useless: during one of my stupidest moments since starting college, I thought it would be good idea to buy a giant cardboard cutout of a horse.

But recently I bought something that I don’t regret buying the next morning, a product so simple and so elegant that I cannot help but show everyone who visits my room. This product is the Kokuyo Harinacs Stapler and the way it works is ingenious.

It pierces a groove and while also cutting out a long strip of paper, which it then folds into the groove. as the blade that made the groove comes down with it’s blunt edge, tucking away the strip of paper.

The product is small and doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a regular stapler. And not having to worry about staples running out is a huge plus.  

But besides being better for the environment and besides being less of a hassle than a regular stapler, I enjoy the Harinacs for its little clear plastic chamber that lets you see how the device works as you’re using it. The see-though plastic lets me enjoy the device for just how clever it is – It’s a solution that provides a way to experience a mundane task in a way that is clean, intuitive and fun. Using it feels similar to the first time I used a macbook after being on windows for years: everything just falls into place in an incredibly satisfying way.

Everyone should get the Harinacs.

*images from their amazon page