I have always loved chai latte’s and never really loved Coca-Cola. So I decided to do 2 pairings. I compared 4 different chai lattes from Starbucks, Tealuxe, DunkinDonuts and a k-cup for a Keurig machine. I also compared 4 different types of Coca-Cola: Diet, Regular, Life, and Zero. I thought it would be interesting for me to compare one drink I have very often and another I have had probably only ten times in my lifetime.

In the Chai Latte pairings, I found great differences in their consistency and spice ratios. Tealuxe’s chai latte was the least sweet, strongest spice taste, and least viscous, even after with the soy milk inside. Dunkin Donut’s Vanilla Chai was almost too viscous to drink, had very little spice flavor and was very sweet. I am not sure if I just received a bad cup of DD Chai Latte, because my friend had one before and described it as the exact opposite. Anyhow, that was my experience. The Starbucks Chai Latte and Keurig Chai Latte were great in different ways, so they were a tie in my book! One is great for on the go and the other is perfect when I’m cozied up in my room.

After the Chai Lattes, I tried a few sips of each of the 4 colas (a friend drank the rest because I couldn’t make myself drink an entire can). I found that how sweet they tasted did not really vary, nor could I smell any distinguishing parts of the drink. I was able to however notice the way they were sweet. The sweet/sugary taste varied. For example, regular Coke had a more syrupy sugar taste than Life Coke did (made from stevia plant). After the pairings, I liked the Life one the most, for it tasted natural (even after I poured them all in clear cups and did not know which one was which).