I first started using a Draft/Matic mechanical pencil three years ago and am amazed that I have been able to continue using the same pencil to this day. When I first picked up the pencil years ago, the two things that immediately stood out were the remarkable weight of the design and the textured finger grip which makes controlling the pencil remarkably easy. Although prior to using this pencil I would have thought .3 mm lead would have been too flimsy for everyday writing, the substantial and heavy duty design of the pencil allows for control over the lead in a way that I have found prevents the lead from breaking less frequently that it does in .5 or .7 plastic disposable pencils. Unlike other pencils I have had in the past which have flimsy and easily broken plastic clips for attaching the pencil to binders or pockets, I have found metal clip on the Draftmatic pencil to be virtually indestructible, meaning when I clip in onto my binder at the end of class, I know exactly where I can find it the next day.