Berkshire Brewing Company

Local Brewery in
South Deerfield, MA

I have always wanted to learn more about Beer Tasting, so I
decided to taste a few craft beers for this challenge.  I decided to pick the same company for all
four drinks for consistency, but the drinks ranged from India Pale Ales to
Amber Ales.  This was somewhat difficult
to do, because it is hard to describe what exactly I tasted in the beer, but
referenced some general points in what to pay attention to while tasting.

I first tasted the two Pale Ales (Lost Sailor and Steel
Rail), picked the Steel Rail because it was less bitter.  Then I compared the other ales (Hoosac Tunnel
and Cabin Fever), and preferred the Cabin Fever because it had a milder
body.  I ended up picking Steel Rail as
my favorite after comparing the two winners, because it was less fruity than
the Cabin Fever. 

How to Assess Beer:

The Look of the Liquid – Both Color and Clarity

The Smell – Before and After Pouring

The Taste – All Familiar Tastes, plus

Hops – Bitterness

Malt – Sweetness

Alcohol Content – Strong/Weak


Hoosac Tunnel (6.3%):

Look: Amber, Copper Color, Clouded Clarity

Smells: Caramel, Fruit, Bread, Malty (Sweet)

Taste: Mild Malt, Mild Hops, Nutty, Caramel,
Dark Fruits, Hint of       Coffee/Smoke

Guess: ~7%


Steel Rail EPA (5.2%):

Look: Pale/Light Straw Color, Clouded Clarity

Smells: Sweet, Butter, Toasted Grains, Hint of
Pine/Flower (?)

Taste: Mildly Malt, Slightly Hops, Medium Body,

Guess: ~5%


Lost Sailor IPA (5.8%):

Look: Deep Brown Color, Slightly Cloudy

Smells: Fruit – Citrus, Malts, Sugar, Slight

Taste: Mild Hops, Slight Malt, Citrus, Medium
Body, Caramel, Malts, Hint of Sour/Tangy

Guess: ~8%


Cabin Fever Ale (6.3%):

Look: Golden Brown, Copper Color, Clear Clarity

Smell: Pear, Malt, Apple/Fruit, Grains,
Nutty/Toasted Grains

Taste: Mild Hops, Mild Malts, Slight Vanilla,
Hint of White Fruits

Guess: ~6%