App Redesign for US Airways






·       Mom

·       Only son in college out of state

·       Smartphone user

·       Cares about family

·       Worries when traveling

·       Likes confirmation and doesn’t necessarily trust technology

·       Eco-friendly


·       Peace of mind when traveling

·       Get to her plane efficiently and on-time

·       Get the best experience

·       Be conscience of the environment


·       Don’t always have access to computer or wifi

·       Needs to access boarding pass quickly

·       Does not want to lose battery during travel and not be able to access pass




Catherine is going to visit her son  at college and is flying US Airways. Currently, the company’s mobile application can be harder to use and is not extremely intuitive. Additionally, it is extremely slow and hard to navigate existing reservations with, especially compared to the mobile apps of other airlines. Catherine wants to be able to check in early and save her mobile boarding pass for quick access. In addition to being eco-friendly and not wanting a paper ticket, she likes security during travel that comes from a device that is not electronic.


What happens:

1.     Signs up

a.      Fills in bunch of info + frequent flyer number

b.      Taps submit

2.     Taken to dashboard where she sees options

a.      Check in

b.      Book flight

c.      Search options

3.     Checks in

a.      name

b.      confirmation code

4.     Confirms seat

a.      Sees this, chooses new

5.     Gets boarding pass

a.      Sees this

6.     Adds to passbook

a.      One button

7.     Views airport map

a.      Finds terminal

8.     Views on Lock screen

a.      Easy flight access, no hassle in finding pass