Fall down the rabbit hole to awaken in a dystopian future. “Wonderland” quickly becomes a psychological horror show, complete with a king, queen, duchess, and hatter ruling their own corners of the domain. Don’t want to hear “Off with her head!” before the end of the first act?

Navigate the game with care if you purchase a bronze ticket; the silver and gold ticket holders might change the rules of the game. And the challenges? Here, you won’t be painting the roses red, but strange toils with shipping palettes, rubber tires, recycled bottles, scrap metal, denim, and cardboard await.

The game operates on two levels — on the surface, players can attend a financially successful and exciting theater event, complete with actors filling modern adaptations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Underneath the surface, the “strange toils” produce the components for prefabricated panels that will complete housing at a fraction of the cost.

Set in an abandoned grain terminal, the project recoups its investment in three weeks and then raises additional funds for the furthering of the cause. Proceeds benefit a communal living space for New York artists unable to afford market-priced housing.