TIEKS are a brand of ballet flats, targeted especially toward fashion-conscious yet practical women. Able to fold up into themselves and also boasting extreme comfort, they sell themselves on being extremely desirable for travel. They set themselves apart from regular flat brands as more ‘premium’ due to the higher pricetag, making them seem more like a luxury product, also boasting real italian leather and quality construction.

They sell not only the product but the lifestyle — by buying Tieks, the woman you become is more fashionable, more conscious of quality products, a world traveler, and one of the ‘select few’ who know about the brand (since it is still rather new). Since they also come in a bajillion different colours, people are encouraged to collect them or customize according to their personality. They are also immediately recognizable by their robin blue sole, which creates a strong brand image and those who know it can immediate spot it, again adding to the feeling of being one of the ‘select few’ with knowledge of the brand.