Passport Redesigned

We built our project based on two simple truths: First, the American passport is iconic. It represents opportunity, freedom, and the promise of a better life. In many respects, it is one of the most desired and most exclusive items in the world. An American passport is a ticket to the world, and we want it to look like one.

However, its current design – gaudy gold lettering on a boring navy blue – doesn’t capture the story it is supposed to represent. Our redesign adds an element of timelessness and desirability to a product that for us has a high level, intense emotional connection.

 Our second guiding concept is that travel is exciting. Going to a new place presents a host of new possibilities, the sense that anything could happen. A passport holder is utilitarian certainly, but we think has the potential to be a status items for the chicest travelers. Our passport holder is iconic because it infuses a high concept design into a traveling mainstay. It reminds the traveler of the privilege and honor of what it contains.