Presentation slides:

The explosion of the electronic age has created a contentious challenge for all forms of physical media and print publications. Convenient and technologically advanced iPods, tablets, and e-books have begun serving as an electronic equivalent for physical objects we’ve developed fond memories for: jewel-case CDs, DVDs, and paperback or hardcover books, to name a few. This cultural shift has created a rift between the physical and the digital, leaving little to no room for an in between.

As we cling on to the memories associated with our physical media, we need a solution that won’t hold us back nor force us to leave everything behind. How is one supposed to enjoy his or her bookshelf AND his or her Kindle? What about that iTunes library and that extensive CD collection?

EnterDigiShelf, which allows owners to have the best of both worlds–it uses a projection to create an illusion of physical media out of any digital library. Becoming iconic requires appealing to a wide audience. We tried to achieve this sense of universality by allowing DigiShelf to accommodate books, magazine, DVDs, .mp3’s, etc. DigiShelf…creating spaces for memories.