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A necessary luxury.  

Wristlets are an easy way to carry essential items without carrying a purse. However, girls often play with their wristlets and risk looking unprofessional and losing their wristlet. With the women in mind, Extand allows you to hold your wristlet by just placing your fingers through three loops in the front of the wristlet. The three loops are beautifully designed to look like you are wearing a three-finger ring. The main wallet will have a foam layer so that can easily mold to your hand to ensure a comfortable and personal fit. Moreover, the key will be placed on the side of the main wallet so that you can hide your keys and remove it with one push of a button. Extand is different from the clutch because of the size and the everyday use.  Now, you are able to go out looking fashionable and professional, while carrying all of your essential items.

 We would brand Extand as a luxury good across a 16-30 year old female demographic group with a traditional marketing strategy.  Our spokes person would be a celebrity in this age range. Although this would be a luxury good, we would price the basic design $70 to be able to reach our entire target demographic. However, for the woman that wants a more sophisticated look, we would add different jewels to the loops to make it more luxurious up to a $200 price range.