Many retailers are currently catching onto the trend of 3D body scanners, in which a customer just has to step in for 10-15 seconds, after which it can tell you want your measurements are and what your actual size and fit is for certain clothing brands. As someone who is constantly annoyed at how clothes vary in size amongst brands (especially those European ones) this seems a great tool for being a more efficient shopper. Large department stores, the ones with enough money in their pockets, are slowly rolling it out. 

Currently, Bloomingdales is using one of these scanners in 6 stores, with the main purpose of trying to let the customer figure out what jean brands and sizes they should try on to best fit their body. This is desirable since jeans are one of the hardest things to find right and the correct fit can make or break a look, especially if each pair of premium jeans cost $200+. This would streamline the process both for the store and the customer, which makes it great for all. 

These machines actually remind me of those airport scanners. What if we can use data from there to get personalized fit info. Imagine the possibilities that can pose for online retail!

Article on Bloomingdales Jeans Scanning