Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, mustaches are everywhere. I’m not talking about the upper lip garnishes embodied by Ron Swanson. Even more popular than in its facial hair form, the icon of the mustache has been pervading Urban Outfitters, Etsy, cupcake bakeries, and even tattoo parlors. PUT A STACHE ON IT delves into the heart of this trend, lending insight for those baffled by the popularity of the fake mustache and offering a bit of humor for those who already think they get it.

The viral strategy of this infographic lies in its perspective of a fad that no one quite understands. This project delves into the nature of the mustache craze, looking at the timing in which it began to gain traction. Overall, it presents simple information in an aesthetically pleasing way, less about data presentation than about presenting a storyline. 

Just google “mustache trend,” and you’ll find hundreds of very confused people on web forums, asking about why on earth they’re seeing mustaches on everything from fingers to mugs to jewelry. By simply posting a link to this infographic in response, there will be several possibilities for visibility and virility for PUT A STACHE ON IT.

(PDF here)