This infographic presents the different types of drinks found in Havard (and many other school)’s dining halls with their calories per cup.

It is intended to be helpful and convenient for college students who are healthy and on a watch-out for their calorie intake, as well as informative and inspiring for those who care less about their dietary health. The drinks are divided into rows as how the dining hall machines are generally organized, and drinks with lower calories are placed towards the left for each row, helping viewers with instant calorie comparisons.

This infographic bases itself on people’s desires for being healthy and is in use for dietary plans people tend to make but not keep up with. It functions as a reminder and keep people who want to become healthier away from high-calorie drinks because the conscious comparison of drink calories raises health awareness. Compares to other calorie infographics, it relates to its audiences personally, presenting them with beverages they come in contact daily. This customization can also be done for other environments. 

The most immediate strategy for this infographic to become viral would be to popularize it amongst students, raise awareness in healthy eating, and eventually present it as a poster in the dining halls, allowing the infographic to be the most effective.