This “Most [blank] Cities in the United States” infographic is intended to be a compilation of nine “top ten cities” lists in the United States. Each year many journals such as Forbes, Huffington Post, US News, etc. publish lists of the most depressed, happiest, wealthiest, most expensive and etc. cities in the United States. This infographic seeks provide this data all at once. When one sees the list for the top ten most depressing cities — he/she will probably be interested in seeing the top ten happiest cities.             

The intention is inform the curious. Some of the data is quite surprising. For example, it struck me to see that New York City was on the top ten list for the safest city in the United States — the ranking was completed by Forbes magazine and the criteria used to determine the list was violent crime rate and car fatality rate. It was also ranked as one of the most miserable cities. Also, who knew that Irvine, California would be ranked number one as the most fashionable city by the Huffington Post? The reason that the criteria for each category is not listed in the infographic is because the everyday reader will not have the attention span to look at the details. For further information, one can look up the sources listed below. The infographic may also be used as a conversational piece when trying to make small talk, as well as become a factor when trying to decide whether to move to a particular city. Altogether, the infographic is intended to be interesting, useful, surprising, playful, and simply fun.

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