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Although more and more people are championing the use of social media as outlets of expression and collaboration, there has not been a lot of information on just how much power a person gains by becoming a part of the digitalized landscape. “Go Viral, Go Facebook” is an infographic that works to persuade people of the potential power they can gain by being part of the Facebook community. 

“Go Viral, Go Facebook” can be at once a marketing tool for Facebook, a persuasive infographic urging people to use Facebook as a platform to spread their messages, and simply a piece that makes us stop and ponder the magnitude of Facebook. More than just teaching the audience interesting facts, this infographic uses relatable comparisons, though slightly absurd (which as been shown to be desirable), to illustrate the magnitude of the potential power of a Facebook user. To signify how quickly the number of users have grown, I chose to both use graphic proportions (the cubes) and population comparisons. To illustrate just how large 1.01 billion people are, and to relate back to power, I chose to illustrate through comparisons to five types of power groups: religious power, military power, scholarly power, persuasive power, and leadership power. Though in reality not a one-for-one feasible comparison, by using the number of people as a reference of power, the infographic implies how, if used correctly, Facebook has the potential to achieve more than these individual groups. Lastly, to illustrate just how quickly messages can be spread via Facebook, instead of showing how fast one piece of information can travel, I chose to showcase how much information a person can receive or influence in one minute. The numbers are for the “ultimate” Facebook user. Thus, if a person is actively engaged on Facebook and has a lot of friends, he or she has the potential to have to power for those magnitudes of influence.

This infographic captures the emerging trend of using social media to influence the world. By substantiating the power of Facebook with numbers, “Go Viral, Go Facebook” has a persuasive lead that not only urges people to join the Facebook community for their own benefit, but also educates the viewer on just how powerful Facebook has become.  Using Facebook as an influencer for buy-in, the infographic uses brand awareness to do one of two things: 1) solidify already Facebook enthusiasts’ alliance with Facebook, and 2) possibly disgust Facebook disputers. Either way, the information provided on just how powerful Facebook is as a community is shocking and makes us stop and think. If companies are chided and legally dissuaded from forming monopolies, why are social media giants encouraged?

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