This product is simple to use, personalizable, lightweight, and potentially eco-friendly.  It allows you to feel like a builder when you strap in your cushion material, giving you some decision-making power as a furniture designer.  It also has a primitive style that is at once vintage and new, which is trending right now.

There seems to be a movement away from minimalism in design, where many designers and those who wish to be familiar with good design do not want to be associated with popularly accepted notions of luxury design products.  While this piece is also high-end and will be exhibited at a museum in Milan, its functionality draws those who want to show that they appreciate functionality rather than solely desire the functionality itself.  

With regard to the product’s design, this strapping and compacting method for creating seating or other tools for daily use is a good idea that could truly be implemented worldwide in developing countries.  The straps are easy and light enough to mass-produce and distribute.