“The IT HOUSE is about reducing down to the essentials to create a pure architectural experience of space. Every component in the IT HOUSE is designed to re-engineer and radically simplify the process of building houses. We believe that architecture should bring us closer to our environment; the IT HOUSE is the mediator between one’s every day experience and the environment. The IT HOUSE is designed to create a seamless experience between the house, environment and life.” (source)

The IT HOUSE is desirable because it not only about a design of a house, but a lifestyle. The notion of minimal footprint, along with a utilization of prefabricated components that one can assemble easily is what makes the IT HOUSE different. Its simplicity and placement in the built environment is seamless. It is branded in a way that makes it super flexible and least harmful to the environment. The name is also extremely desirable — inspired from the notion of the IT GIRL (celebrity) — now exists the IT HOUSE. I want the IT HOUSE!

Taalman Koch IT HOUSE