What I’ve Got: Dollar Shave Club

One of the most obnoxious first-world consumer problems over the past few years has been the exorbitant spike in the cost of razor blades. Dollar Shave Club saw this pain point and solved it by offering a service that delivers fresh blades to your door for as low as one dollar a month (though that number rises for the luxury blades).

The idea is great, but what really makes this club desirable is their honest, bullshit-free branding – particularly in this viral pitch video. Though it borders on the absurd at times, it is desirable because that blunt honesty is exactly in line with the company’s value proposition (i.e. they don’t have the money to pay Roger Federer and Andre 3000 to look good in their ads) and it reinforces exactly why its audience should sign up. This video exemplifies that funny way that people actually enjoy being sold to when they know that it’s happening and understand why.