1. JetBlue– JetBlue has marketed itself to be the cool, considerate airline. It’s extremely desirable to fly on the airline because they take the user experience into account. Some of the perks include television, food, more leg space, and free checked bags. They’ve provided everything the average person would want as they were flying, advertise their humane values, and wrap it up in a modern/aesthetically pleasing package. image

2. TED talks– TED talks have greatly increased in popularity over the past couple years. The access to great thinkers and speeches is most desirable for students, teachers, adults, etc. The compact videos pack a big punch as they are usually given by someone who has a big idea of how to change the world/your life for the better, or at least inspire you to do so. With the ease of access, TED talks are highly desirable for those who are busy, have a short attention span, or demand the idea now. image