With a focus group centered around those who love fashion, Trendabl is a fairly new photo taking/sharing/social app. Sounds a lot like Instagram, doesn’t it? It looks and functions a lot like it too, with image filters and popular pages and all that. However, despite the similarities of the two apps, Trendabl is becoming more and more desirable in a sense that it possesses most of the attractive elements of Instagram –  image filters make people feel creative and professional, popular images keep users updated on new trends and popular looks, a personal feed reporting on the outfits your friends are liking, and all those selfies with outfit planning don’t have to get buried in your phone or get judged on facebook (it’s like people are allowed to be self-centered and annoying on twitter but not facebook what’s up with that?). The two most unique desirable characteristics of Trendabl, in my opinion, are:

First of all, Trendabl is fashion and fashion only. As stores like Forever 21 and H&M emerge as well as the impact of media nowadays, people pay more and more attention to fashion. As a Instagramer, it is not hard to see how many users devote their time to fashion images and how popular these images are. So if you are only focused on fashion and are not going to look at those scenery photos and graffiti, why use Instagram? Trendabl narros down the topics/information of interests, and provides a platform for fashion-loving users to connect with others with the same hobby.

Second of all, THIS

is simply amazing. Instead of tagging your fashion photos as #fashion, #hat, there are specialized little icons for fashion categories. These make the user experience simpler and more interactive/fun. The best part about this is that when you want a skirt for the summer, you can just go scroll through all the skirts and decide what you’ll be looking to buy from that moment. It provides almost a shopping experience, and creates a virtual catalog through the users’ knowledge base.