Sometimes, products don’t need to be limited edition or expensive to be desired by all. As long as the functionality of the product can reign supreme over its sibling products, both the wealthy and the average may desire them. 

Rakku Shoe Wheel (the desirable upgrade of a classic product)

This is a very innovative take on a shoe rack storage device. Not only does it solve the headache that traditional shoe racks possess in terms of taking up too much space, it makes shoe storage an convenient aesthetic. Not only can the user see clearly every pair of shoes in the device, it is easy to insert the shoe and the amount of space allocated to each pair makes the device instantly neat and organized. Thus, this device is desirable mainly in its functionality and somewhat in its design. While saving space, it reduces clutter and makes it easy and good to display one’s shoes.

Mashed Cauliflower (the desirable substitute of a classic)

As America’s obesity epidemic worsens, people are finding healthy lifestyles and diets more and more useful as it is universally desirable not to be obese. However, the battle becomes that of conflicting desires: 1) the desire to be thin, and 2) the desire for good tasting (often fattening) foods. One of these is mashed potatoes, a simple dish that can be artery clogging. Eating mashed potatoes satisfies the desire to eat tasty food but fails to fulfill the desire to be thin. Thus, a food that is truly desirable is something that can satisfy the taste as well as the health aspects. This is what makes mashed cauliflower desirable. Its taste, when mashed and combined with some milk, mimics almost exactly the taste of mashed potatoes. However, there is no guilt in eating such a treat. Therefore, this is desirable because it catered to more than one of people’s desires. 

Mashed cauliflower recipe here: