Tables are a neat way to add character to a room. The standard rectangular, wood coffee table on four legs can take (and has taken) on a variety of countenances. Below are two examples of innovative spins on a classic piece of furniture.

1. BoConcept


This version of the coffee table offers clever storage solutions in an effort to maximize space and minimize clutter. In addition, it features movable tabletops that can be adjusted to different heights based on someone’s needs, whether that is eating (as shown in the image above) or working on a laptop. The table also allows for choice in personalization with regard to the different colors and types of wood used for the three panels that make up the table’s surface.

2. Martin Gallagher Furniture Design

This version of the coffee table has a 3D appearance and could serve as a work of art. It offers more than one function, as it also provides seating through the three stools that fit into the side of the table, tucked underneath the glass surface. There’s potential for it to serve as a space saver, allowing the owner flexibility in deciding whether or not to purchase a separate seating unit. I think this is a fantastic example of innovative design where normal, everyday products or objects can be repurposed to have several functions.