An increasingly popular thrill experience among younger people, skydiving allows its clients the ability to step out of their comfort zone – and a plane – and forget the normality of their daily lives for one fleeting freefall. Skydiving pictures frequently splashed across Facebook pages shout, “I am fearless.” I think skydiving, as an experience, is desirable because it offers a rare and extreme escape like few other activities do. Jumping out of a plane just because you can is a rare and unique opportunity that is sure to remain desirable until everyone has done it.


Harry Potter – Book Series

While this is probably an obvious idea for something desirable, I think it’s definitely worth discussing. I just found out that J.K. Rowling is the only person in human history to become a billionaire after writing a book (or, in her case, 7). Her case is obviously unique – how did she find something that so many millions of kids, teens and adults continue to find captivating? And how did her creative series develop into the worldwide sensation that earned her a billion dollars? I think part of what Rowling did so well was create another world where her readers, whether they were 10 or 55, could rediscover solace and magic. That’s often the role of a good book anyway – Rowling is extraordinary as a case study for her ability to create something appealing for every reader.