They’re in virtually every office and a favorite tool among educators. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. In some formats they even pop-up in tissue-like dispensers. They’re simple and incredibly easy to use. They offer you the opportunity to quickly jot down a note. They’re also very useful as you can adhere your note to many surfaces and oftentimes you can move and adhere to another place. They also connote an element of fun. In comparison to most paper products in an office setting, they’re seem more informal and fun due to their color and size. Where one might hesitate to waste a whole sheet of paper on a note, we would not hesitate to use a post-it. The colors also distinguish them and give them a more fun feel.


Frozen Yogurt shops

 Frozen yogurt shop

Although frozen yogurt has been around for a while, as someone that likes frozen yogurt, I’ve noticed that “froyo” shops have been reinvented in the last couple of years. The décor is usually more modern and sleek than the shops I remember seeing before. The main innovation is the toppings bar. Here patrons can choose whatever combination they want. Oftentimes, shops also offer self-serve yogurt dispensers so the patron is in charge of customizing their entire dessert. I think frozen yogurt appeals to people because it has the reputation of being a healthier dessert than its main competitor, ice cream (although this may not be true if you factor serving size and toppings). The freedom to mix and match toppings is the main draw of froyo shops. It puts people in the drivers seat and often times people have their favorite combinations. Alternatively, people can try different things each time.