nest learning thermostat

1) nest learning thermostat is a desirable product. The sleek and minimalistic look of this thermostat is so visually appealing that on its own can be considered as an artwork attached on any home’s wall. In addition to its highly desirable appearance, it is a learning thermostat. It follows the habit of the homeowner and program itself. In other words, it learns when to increase and decrease the temperature according to the homeowner’s routine. It is easy to install and it is accompanied by clear guidebook for any person to be able to quickly understand how to install and use this thermostat. Finally, it can be controlled from anywhere outside your home!There is a very well produced video on their website that introduces this product.

2) neo-volt folding bike

urban bike

This is a compact e-bike. It is unique that it fits very easily to changes and requirements due to cycle through the various city environments. It can fit in a car trunk or to enter an elevator, enter the subway, cross through an area full of pedestrians, back pedaling, etc. This ability to blend in different urban environments is something few e-bikes have.